101 Deck Staining FAQ's, Lakewood NJ


101 Deck Staining FAQ's, Lakewood NJ We do lots of deck staining, and we get asked lots of deck staining questions. Here are just a few:

Q. When should I have my new deck stained?  We wait approximately one year before staining a new deck. New wood has too much moisture in it, and the stain will fail. Waiting a year allows the wood to dry out enough to have a successful staining.

Q. What can I do about my kids getting splinters on the deck? There will always be some splinters, however we will sand your deck prior to staining to minimize this problem.

Q. How long will the stain last? Our oil-based stain will last approximately two years. A solid (opaque) stain can last approximately five years.

Q. Does a new deck need to be power washed before staining? Yes. Any deck must be power washed prior to staining. it is crucial to remove even minute amounts of dirt and mold that may be on the wood.

Q. When is the best time of year to stain my deck? For most stain products we need a temperature above 50 degrees. That being said, we do most of our deck staining April thru October. As long as the temps are good and the wood is dry, the stain should work fine.

Q. How will I know what color to choose? BlueJet is a full service deck restoration company. We will assist you in figuring out the best color options for your deck.

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