101 Power Washing FAQ's, Jackson NJ


101 Power Washing FAQ's, Jackson NJ Our customers ask us lots of questions about our power washing. Here are some of the more popular ones...

- Is power washing safe? Yes, BlueJet only uses environmentally safe detergents. They will not harm your home, plants, or pets.


- Will power washing damage my siding or windows? No, our unique "soft-wash" system means no high pressure water is used on your property.


- Can you safely clean Stucco or Dryvit? Yes, we are stucco cleaning experts. Our method can clean stucco, without any risk of damaging it.


- How long will it take to clean my home? The average home will only take a couple hours.


-  What will power washing clean off my home? We can remove all dirt, mold, and algae.


- Are you insured? Yes, we are fully insured.


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