Do you love the great outdoors? Well so do we! In fact this is actually how our business got started. You see, I (Mordy here) love to be outside! Biking, hiking, and camping, are a few of my favorites, but mostly I enjoy sitting on my deck and watching my kids play, while listening to the soft sounds of nature, and just enjoying the beautiful world that we live in. Living in Central Jersey, where there is very high humidity, I had noticed that people's properties (including my own) were covered in green and black grime. Being an outdoorsy kind of guy I was really bothered by this and set out to find a way to beautify my surroundings. Today, our sparklingly clean house and beautifully stained deck are our pride and joy. Now my family and I spend our free time enjoying the great outdoors that much more.

BlueJet Powerwash will clean your property safely, efficiently, and of course affordably, so that you and your family can fully enjoy your home. We are fortunate to service homeowners, business owners, property managers, realtors and many others who know that they can count on us to deliver the best possible workmanship, with unparalleled customer service. Our exceptional quality of work, service, and attention to detail has helped us build a stellar reputation as exterior mold removal experts and exterior wood restoration professionals.

Please take the time to browse our site to learn more about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.