Beautiful Deck Staining, Lakewood NJ


Beautiful Deck Staining, Lakewood NJ This deck was stained with a premium oil based semi-solid stain. The customer has a gorgeous wood deck with metal railings. She did not want a solid stain, since she had an appreciation for seeing the wood grain, however she was concerned about using a semi-transparent stain, since it does not last very long. We introduced the option of a semi-solid stain that would still show some of the wood grain, while having the advantage of lasting longer than the semi-trans stain. We put a few color samples on the deck, and we settled on the Armstrong Clark Oxford Brown Semi-Solid Stain. Beautiful deck staining, Lakewood NJ can be achieved by understanding all the options available, and choosing the stain type that best fits your needs. At BlueJet Power Wash, deck staining is something we take pride in, and we want your deck to look great and last for many years of enjoyment. We will take the time to answer all your questions and perhaps show you some you haven't thought of. Every stain has its place, however only one type of stain is meant for you. By being informed, you will be able to make the best choice for your property. For beautiful deck staining, Lakewood NJ give BlueJet Power Wash a call, and we will make your deck the envy of your neighborhood:)

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