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Best Concrete Cleaning - Jackson NJ The first impression you make on someone who visits your home is your walkways and steps. Perhaps you have a gorgeous kitchen, and the most elegant dining room...but if your front walk is covered in years of grime and mold what do you expect them to think?!? The flatwork around our homes will take a stronger beating than any other surface due to the fact that its a horizontal surface. This means that everything nature has to offer will land and sit on this surface. This includes but is not limited to rain, snow, ice, leaves, branches, insects, rodents, bird poop, garbage, gum,....and the list goes on...It doesnt take much to understand that these flat surfaces around your home will not look their greatest after some time. So what is the best concrete cleaning method? The only way to clean concrete and hard stone is with a power washing system, however a power wash in the wrong hands can do more harm than good. Many commercial pressure washing machines can operate at more than 3000 PSI (Thats 3000 Pounds per Square Inch!!!) this is more than enough water pressure for the contractor to etch his initials into your front walkway! Its important to hire a cotractor experienced in the cleaning of flatwork, and who uses the Best Concrete Cleaning Jackson NJ practices. Ask lots of questions about their experience, and their equipment and always ask for referrals. Remember that damage to your concrete is the one area that cannot be reversed.

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