Best Way To Clean Vinyl Siding - Toms River NJ

Best Way To Clean Vinyl Sidig - Toms River NJ. Professional cleaning of home exteriors have come a long way over the last several years. The old method of cleaning homes was to take a pressure washing machine and shoot high pressure water at the home, in the hopes of blastnig away the mold. What the contractors and homeowners did not realize was that this method was completely ineffective. #1 they usually did not use any soaps or other cleaning compounds to actually kill the mold and algae. So what happened was that the high pressure water got rid of some of the mold on surface, but within months it returned because whatever remained was never killed (mold and algae are alive...) #2 because house soaps were not used, they had to use extremely high pressure to get anything done. This usually caused extensive damage to the home, by ruining the exterior surface and by forcing water into the home. Today the power washing industry is more knowledgable is the use of commercial power washing systems, and the use of safe cleaning with proper soaps and chemicals. The best way to clean vinyl siding Toms River NJ is whats called the soft-wash method. The method is to apply a mix of cleaning compounds to the surface, allow it to dwell. loosen dirt, and kill the mold. This is followed by a low pressure rinse. This method kills the mold, and cleans with zero risk of damage to your property. Many contractors are still using the old fashioned ineffective method, so always make sure to ask if they use the best way to clean vinyl siding Toms River NJ...No High Pressure Water...and a sparkling clean home.

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