BlueJet Deck Staining Process, Brick NJ


BlueJet Deck Staining Process, Brick NJ BlueJet Power Wash is a professional exterior wood restoration company. Deck staining is not a simple paint job, rather it entails having a broad knowledge of exterior wood care. Expert deck staining is a multi step process beginning with power washing. We typically wait about a year before staining a new deck, since fresh wood has too much moisture, and must season a bit so it can accept the stain. At this point we apply a cleaning compound specifically designed for exterior wood. This is meant to kill any mold, and loosen up any dirt. This application is followed by a low-medium pressure rinse. It is crucial to do this step properly, as too much pressure will etch the wood, and not using the right cleaning compounds will leave mold on the deck, causing stain failure down the road.

The next step in the BlueJet deck staining process, Brick NJ is prepping for the staining. We return after a couple days of dry weather to test wood for moisture. We will never stain a deck before testing with a moisture meter, to make sure levels are at <12%. This is the most important part of the whole process, since moisture in the wood is the leading cause of premature stain failure.

Once it's determined that wood is ready, we get to work protecting your property. We don't want any stain on your house, and we go to great lengths to protect everything is sight. Additionally, we sand the floor and railings. This will minimize splinters as well as allow for a more beautiful stain job.

The next step is the actual stain application. Our application methods coupled with the premium stains that we use allow for a perfectly even looking finish designed to last for a long time. The last and final step of the BlueJet deck staining process, Brick NJ is the cleanup. We will not leave your property until everything is left spotless. At BlueJet Power Wash we take a lot of pride in our deck work, and we would love to add your deck to the family :)

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