Can All Types Of Siding Be Power Washed? Howell NJ

Can All Types Of Siding Be Power Washed? Howell NJ Yes, all types of siding can be power washed, however every surface calls for  a different method to clean it. The biggest mistake a homeowner or a contractor can make is to think that there is only one way to power wash, and the same application can be used for any surface on my property. Power washing has the potential to cause tremendous damage if not done by someone that has experience, and knowledge of different types of surfaces. Today's power washing equipment is very powerful, and can be dangerous. The most commonly used siding today is vinyl siding and it has its way to clean it. Aluminum siding looks exactly like vinyl siding, but cannot be cleaned in the same fashion. Stucco is a very delicate surface and should only be power washed by someone trained in expert stucco cleaning. Concrete walkways are another surface that can be power washed, however this is also a surface where care must be taken not to etch the concrete. Luckily, all the surfaces around your property can be power washed, Howell NJ and many of them should be periodically cleaned as a form of normal maintenance, but always first research the most effective and safe way to restore that particular surface. Can all types of siding be power washed, Howell NJ. Sure, but it's never a question of IF, rather it's a question of HOW.

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