Cleaned Stucco, Jackson NJ


Cleaned Stucco, Jackson NJ Can my stucco be cleaned without damaging the delicate surface? Can the green and black stuff be removed? Can my stucco be cleaned at all...? These are all common questions asked by the property owner with stucco or EIFS on their structure. First of all it's important to understand your stucco surface so you can clean it safely and effectively. Stucco is known for its beauty and function, however it's not a strong surface at all, and must be handled very carefully. If something bumps in to it, you will have a dent or hole in the stucco. That being said, cleaning this delicate surface must be done very carefully by an expert experienced in stucco cleaning. Cleaned stucco, Jackson NJ can be achieved thru a process called soft-washing. This method is using power washing equipment with very low pressure water and chemicals designed to remove mold and dirt from this very porous surface. BlueJet Power Wash specializes in professional stucco cleaning. Our goal is to clean the surface while taking out all risk of damage to your property. A contractor that uses high pressure water will most likely destroy your stucco without you even knowing it. High pressure will force moisture into the surface and cause serious mold issues a year down the road (unfortunately this is a common issue, and is very expensive to repair). Before choosing a contractor, be sure to ask lots of questions and get referrals. Cleaned stucco, Jackson NJ is not all we want...rather we want to safely and effectively clean our stucco:)

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