Cleaning Aluminum Siding, Toms River NJ

Cleaning Aluminum Siding, Toms River NJ Although aluminum siding looks just like vinyl siding, they are nothing alike when it comes to cleaning them. Aluminum siding is not as durable, and its surface is more vulnerable to the elements outside. Aluminum siding can oxidize overtime due to years of exposure to the sun. Today, aluminum is not so common, and if your home has aluminum siding it's very likely that your home is close to 30 years old. You can tell if the surface has begun to oxidize by wiping your finger on it, and see if your finger comes up chalky. When the surface is oxidized ,the paint starts to break down and loosen up. This is where the cleaning process can get tricky. If too much water pressure is applied, all the paint will come right off, and you are now in the market for a new paint job (very expensive!). A professional experienced in the cleaning of aluminum siding, Toms River NJ is trained to remove the dirt and mold using the proper cleaning compounds, followed by a low pressure rinse, and zero risk of damage to your home. Cleaning aluminum siding, Toms River NJ can be done safely and effectively, but make sure your contractor is experienced in this delicate process.

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