Cleaning Mold from Stucco - Lakewood NJ

Cleaning Mold from Stucco - Lakewood NJ Stucco and Stucco-like surfaces, namely EIFS or Dryvit is the latest craze. Everybody, both in residential and commercial construction is using this exterior covering system. What we have noticed is that none of the property owners had been told about any necessary maintenence with this surface. In fact, if everyone was aware of the maintenence involved its likely that many less people would be using it. Almost every homeowner or commercial propery owner with stucco, will need to be cleaning mold from their stucco. This is an unavoidable fact, and cleaning mold from stucco is not a simple task. Becuse its such a porous surface the mold can get stuck inside, and if not cleaned soon enough, it will become a permanent part of your home. We are not suggesting that you should not use stucco, rather you must understand how to take care of it before it becomes a very expensive mistake. Cleaning mold from stucco Lakewood NJ should be done at least every 2 years by a professional who is experienced in the cleaning of stucco. This will allow you to enjoy your home for many years to come, without any headaches.

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