Cleaning Rust Stains, Jackson NJ


Cleaning Rust Stains, Jackson NJ Rust stains can show up just about anywhere on your property. The most common spots are your siding and concrete walkways. The staining is caused by a high mineral/iron content in the water in your area. The water hits the surface, and once it dries all that's left is the iron, which over time will begin to look like a rust stain. Many people refer to them as irrigation stains, because the sprinklers are to blame for hitting the concrete walkways. A dripping air conditioner unit can also cause a stain to run down the whole side of your house. Cleaning rust stains, Jackson NJ can in most cases be accomplished easily and affordably by a professional power washing company. Although the stains cannot be power washed off, some companies specialize in stain removal, and are familiar with the appropriate chemicals used to do the job. We always recommend trying to fix the underlying issue before the cleaning, since the stain will eventually reappear if the water continues to hit the surface. Expert cleaning rust stains, Jackson NJ is a great way to restore the surfaces around your property.