Cleaning Stucco, Brick Nj



Cleaning Stucco, Brick NJ Stucco is a complicated surface, and it's important to understand it so you can maintain it properly. There are two very important things about stucco or EIFS that any property owner must know. 1) Stucco is a very porous surface that locks in dirt and mold. It's crucial to clean it often so that the dirt/mold don't become permanently stuck in the surface. It is recommended to clean stucco every 2 years as a form of maintenance rather than a form of cleaning something that's dirty. Cleaning stucco Brick NJ should be a regular part of stucco ownership. Considering hoe beautiful (and expensive!) this surface is, it makes sense to do everything we can to keep it that way. 2) Stucco/EIFS is a very delicate surface, and improper cleaning is worse than not cleaning it at all. Many power washing contractors are still not familiar with the safer low pressure cleaning techniques that are designed to clean stucco. The method of cleaning using high pressure water WILL destroy your stucco thru and thru. This surface must be cleaned using a blend of soaps and chemicals designed to loosen them up from the porous surface, followed be a low pressure rinse. Cleaning stucco, Brick NJ is an important part of your stucco maintenance if done by a professional stucco cleaning contractor.