Common Deck Staining Mistakes, Toms River NJ

Common Deck Staining Mistakes, Toms River NJ Deck staining is a required step in the maintenance and upkeep of your wood deck. Before attempting to take on a deck staining project, it's crucial to educate oneself in exterior wood care and understand all the variables involved. In this article we will discuss the most common deck staining mistakes, Toms River NJ. The leading cause for premature deck stain failure is excess moisture in the wood. Although this is the most important issue to be aware of, it's also one of the simpler issues to avoid. Many people are simply not aware that the wood needs to be dry for a successful stain application. The problem with moisture is that your stain will lock in the moisture giving it no place to escape to. Over time the moisture will try to push itself out, thereby pushing against the stain, and causing it to peel and flake. To avoid this problem, one simply needs to test the wood with a moisture meter before applying the stain. It is recommended that moisture levels be at 12% or less. Another common deck staining mistake, Toms River NJ is applying the stain in hot direct sunlight. The stain will only adhere well if it is able to absorb a bit into the wood fibers. When stain is applied in strong heat, it dries too quickly and does not have a chance to absorb. If there's no absorption, it ends up being a coat on top of surface, and can easily start to peel. With some research and preparation the most common deck staining mistakes, Toms River NJ can easily be avoided. Do it, and do it right :)

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