Expert Stucco Cleaning Company - Jackson NJ

Expert Stucco Cleaning Company - Jackson NJ Your stucco looks great when its new...actually it looks awesome! But can it stay that way? And for how long? You probably already noticed that the surface of stucco is rather bumpy and porous, which means things can easily get caught inside those bumps. We need to remember that the air we breath and live in is filled with all types of stuff, including dust, dirt, mold, algae, sand, etc...and exterior surfaces and objects are a landing pad for all these things in the air. So lets say your home is covered in vinyl siding which is a smoother surface, the dirt and dust in the air will hit the surface and may or may not stick to it. Stucco on the other hand is so porous that basically anything and everything in the air will hit the surface and get stuck inside al those nooks and crannies. This backround information is vital to understand when choosing to build your home with a stucco like surface, because many times things that are potentially the most beautiful can also potentially be the most ugly. We have all seen stucco homes that had not been maintained by an Expert Stucco Cleaning Company - Jackson NJ, and calling it an eyesore would be an understatement. We are constantly fielding calls by homeowners who love the look of stucco, but are concerned that it will turn moldy in a short time, turning it into a regretful decision. We explain to them how the different stucco systems work, and the advantages and disadvantages of stucco, but if they love the look they should go with it as long as they clean and maintain it every 2 years with an Expert Stucco Cleaning Company Jackson NJ. If you are good about cleaning it regularly, you will not let the mold become a permanent fixture of your home, and you will be able to keep that gorgeous look for many years to come.

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