Exterior Wood Care, Lakewood NJ


Exterior Wood Care, Lakewood NJ Caring for exterior wood, be it decks, fences, play sets, furniture, or gazebos, is an important part of its maintenance. Any wood exposed to the elements will not last without the proper care, and it's important to discuss your needs with a contractor who specializes in exterior wood care and restoration. Your deck can last for many years, however it will need some regular maintenance. Exterior wood can be very tricky, because if it is not stained properly, it can be very expensive, and many times impractical to reverse the negative effects. This is very common when a homeowner hires a regular painter for example, and instead of applying a coating designed for exterior wood care, Lakewood NJ, they apply a paint. In a short time the deck will begin to peel and flake terribly, causing much heartache for the homeowner. When we are called in to fix such an issue, many times it will be too laborious and expensive to redo, and customer is stuck with a peeling deck. Professional exterior wood care, Lakewood NJ entails a broad knowledge and much experience working with exterior wood. Proper power washing, moisture readings, sanding, nail tightening, stain types, weather conditions, etc. are just some of the things that wood restoration entails. If you have a deck, be it new or old, discuss your needs with an exterior wood care specialist, Lakewood NJ who can help you maintain your beautiful deck for many years to come.

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