Green And Black Stains On Stucco, Toms River NJ

Green And Black Stains On Stucco, Toms River NJ Perhaps your beautiful new home is only two years old and you begin to notice green and black stains on the stucco. These stains are very unnerving because nobody including your building contractor told you anything that might happen to your stucco. There was no talk about any necessary maintanence. The sad truth we are learning, is that the building contractors themselves really don't know much about the stucco they are installing, let alone how to take care of it moving forward. this is very troublesome, since not maintaining your stucco can have some very expensive consequences. Green And Black Stains On Stucco Toms River NJ can start to appear very quickly. These stains are mold and algea that find a cozy home in all the nooks and crannies of this porous surface. If left alone for too long, the stains can become impossible to remove, and after a bit more time will start to attack and weaken the surface of the stucco. BlueJet Power Wash recommends that stucco be cleaned every 2 years. This periodic maintanence cleaning will help make sure that the mold never has a chance to take hold, and will keep your stucco looking great for many years. If you notice the green and black stains on your stucco Toms River NJ call in the pros right away before it gets worse, but as mentioned its better to clean it regularly so you never see them in the first place.

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