Home Sales & Power Washing, Brick NJ


Home Sales & Power Washing, Brick NJ When selling your home the trick is to get the prospect in the door. Most homeowners and realtors try to lure in a prospect with lots of details about the interior. For example, new flooring, granite counters, tons of closets, Jacuzzi bath, etc. The problem with all this print in your ad is that it's not really visual to them when they drive down the block to see the property. What they DO see is the dirty siding, moldy stucco, filthy concrete walkways, streaked gutters...and the list goes on. When exposed to an exterior that has below average curb appeal...you cannot expect to get them in the door to look at your granite counters. More realtors today are starting to realize that home sales and power washing, Brick NJ go hand in hand. Expert power washing is relatively inexpensive and will go a long way to improve curb appeal and increase sales. Remember, first impressions stick! so if the prospect had a positive first impression of the property, than you will be in a stronger position in price negotiations. Home sales and power washing, Brick NJ are one and the same...now what did you say about a Jacuzzi? :)