How Often Should I Clean My Stucco? Jackson NJ 08527

How Often Should I Clean My Stucco? Jackson NJ 08527 Stucco can get dirty fairly quickly, and it's important to clean it periodically to avoid permanent staining. At BlueJet Power Wash we strongly believe that one should clean their stucco every 2-3 years even if it looks clean. We understand that it's hard to spend money on power washing something that does not seem dirty, however when it comes to stucco you should not consider it a cleaning, rather look at it as a form of maintenance. Stucco is gorgeous when it is clean, but boy can it be ugly if it's dirty. The challenge with stucco is that once the dirt or mold is sitting on it for an extended period of time, it can be difficult or impossible to remove, which means you can be left with dirty stucco permanently. We normally tell our customers before the start of a job what they can expect, and we will point out certain stains to them that may not be completely removed. We assure them that we will do our best, however it's important to realize that stucco does not work like vinyl siding, and there is no guarantee how clean it will get, nor can we use more water pressure as this will certainly damage the stucco. How often should I clean my stucco? Jackson NJ 08527 Your stucco should be cleaned every 2-3 years by an expert power washing company that specializes in the cleaning of stucco. Stick to these guidelines, and you will enjoy your beautiful stucco home for many years to come.