How To Choose A Professional Power Washing Company, Lakewood NJ


How To Choose A Professional Power Washing Company, Lakewood NJ 

Ask lots of questions:  Here are just a few...

- Can you provide us with lots of references? BlueJet encourages customers to call many references, this way you can be as confident as we are.

- Does your company "really" have excellent customer service? BlueJet Power Wash has taken customer service to completely new heights. We will not leave any stone unturned until the customer is over-the-top excited about the work we did on their property. In fact, most of our customers choose us simply because of the level of customer service we provide. The only way to know this is so, would be to contact any of our customers...and we urge you to do so.

- Do you use up to date equipment? BlueJet Power Wash uses the most up to date state of the art high tech equipment available, plus all of our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to be certain it's always in tip top shape.

- How do we know that your power washing won't damage our home or property? BllueJet Power Wash is trained and experienced in cleaning methods that have taken out all the risk of damage to your property. Specifically, our soft-wash method not only is damage risk-free, but also cleans more effectively than the old fashioned more dangerous methods that some companies still use. Additionally, all the detergents and solutions we use are environmentally safe, and will not harm your home or pets.

- Will you provide us with a free estimate? BlueJet Power Wash will gladly come to your home free of charge, and take the time to answer all your questions, and clearly explain our cleaning process to you. Plus, we will tell you in advance what type of results you can expect from our service on your property.

- Are you able to clean dirt and stains from all the surfaces outside my home? BlueJet Power Wash is called to a job when noone else can get it clean. We have the expertise to clean the most complicated issues that can arise outside your home. Wether it's any type of mold, mildew, algae, bird poop, animal dropping, food, garbage, rust stain, irrigation stain, efflorescence, leaf stains, grime, unidentifiable, etc...we have both the knowledge and equipment to deal with it.

- Do you have insurance? BlueJet Power Wash has $1,000,000 in liability insurance. This is important not just to protect you in case of an accident, but even more so it tells you that we are an established company, and we intend to be around to serve you for many years to come.

How To Choose A Professional Power Washing Company, Lakewood NJ is an important issue to address, concidering that you are putting your most vauable investment, your home, into the hands of this company. Remember, ask lots of questions....and listen to the answers.

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