How To Clean A Pool Deck - Lakewood NJ

How To Clean A Pool Deck - Lakewood NJ This video shows a good demonstration of how to professionaly pressure wash a pool deck. Anyone with a pool knows that the maintenence and preperation starts long before its time to open the pool. We get busy with treating the water, making sure the cover is working, etc. but we find that many people overlook the area around the pool where you actually spend the most time. Imagine a beautiful clean pool with crstal clear water, but the concrete or stone under the chair your sitting on is black from dirt and mold?!?Ugh! Ok, so now you agree that it should be cleaned, but how should the pool deck be cleaned? your neighbor once hired a contractor to clean her pool deck, and he destroyed her concrete! There are many powr washing companies out there, but its important to hire a company that is experienced in the cleaning of flatwork (concrete, driveways, stone, patios pool areas, etc.) and has the proper tools to do so. In this video they are using a power washing tool called a surface-cleaner. If the contractor is trained in using this machine they can clean most flatwork to look like new, and without leaving stripes or etch marks all around your pool. So if you want to know How to Clean A Pool Deck-Lakewood NJ, watch this video, and hire a contractor that uses similar methods to the one shown. You will spend more time at the pool this summer....

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