How To Clean Mold From Vinyl Siding, Brick NJ


How To Clean Mold From Vinyl Siding, Brick NJ If you wish to go the route of DIY, then here are some of the tools you will need:

- Water source

- Power washing machine

-Soft bristle brush on extension pole

- Soap mix in 5 gl. bucket (bleach, dish soap, water)

- Protective clothing

- Lots of time and endurance

You can either rent or buy a power wash machine at your local home improvement store. Before attempting to clean your house, make sure you are comfortable using the machine in a safe and effective manner. Not only can you hurt yourself, but if you're not familiar with the safe operation of the washer, you can easily cause permanent damage to your home exterior.  Apply the soap mix to a section of siding using the brush on a pole. Allow to dwell for 5-10 minutes. If dirt and mold don't seem to be loosening up, then add more soap and bleach to mix and reapply. Soap application should be followed by a good top to bottom low pressure rinse with the power washer. Repeat process until all siding is clean. This project can take a lot of time and has its risks.

One can avoid all risk of damage to your property, and affordably have the siding cleaned by hiring a contractor who is knowledgeable in how to clean mold from vinyl siding, Brick NJ. A professional power washing company will have the equipment to get it done in just a couple of hours, plus they should have adequate liability insurance to give you peace of mind. When hiring a power washing company, be certain to get referrals, and make sure they know how to clean mold from vinyl siding, Brick NJ using methods that are safe for your property.

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