How To Clean Stucco, Toms River NJ

   How To Clean Stucco, Brick NJ Stucco or EIFS are extremely delicate surfaces, and much care must be taken in the cleaning process. Many homeowners are under the impression that stucco cannot be pressure washed. While it's true that no pressure should be used on stucco, it still needs to be cleaned and maintained for it to last. If you wish to clean it on your own, it's not necessary to use a power washing machine (the machine can help, however you will risk accidentally damaging your stucco), rather make a mix of bleach (approx. 2 gl.), dish soap (1 cup), and water (3 gl.). Using a soft bristle brush on a pole, apply mix to stucco. Allow the mix to dwell for 5-10 minutes to give it time to break down the dirt and kill the mold. This should be followed by a thorough top to bottom rinse with a garden hose, until no soap is left on stucco. This process can be laborious and time consuming when attempting to clean the whole house. Your other option is to hire a power washing company who is knowledgeable on how to clean stucco, Brick NJ. An expert in stucco cleaning can explain to you the soft-wash process that needs to be used on stucco, and can help you maintain a beautiful home exterior. Knowing how to clean stucco, Brick NJ is knowledge that is key to the exterior maintenance of your property.

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