Howell NJ Deck Staining Preperation

Howell NJ Deck Staining Preparation The same way that a building is only as good as its foundation, the success of a deck staining project is dependent on a thorough and proper prep. An expert in exterior wood care will sometimes spend more time on prep than the actual staining application. If the preparation is not done properly, than it won't help much to have the most expensive stain on the market. Some of the steps that are taken for Howell NJ deck staining preparation are as follows: 1) Test the wood for moisture. This is the first thing that we do, even before we take out any of our tools. The leading cause for premature stain failure is moisture in the wood, so if our moisture meter readings are showing too much moisture, than we will come back a different day. 2) Tighten/Add nails and screws where necessary. We want to minimize any squeaking sounds, and we want to tighten any loose areas so deck is structurally safe to use.   3) Sand floor and railings. The chemicals used during the power washing process can cause the wood to fur a bit. A light sanding will remove the fuzz as well as minimize splinters in general. 4) Clean/Sweep the deck. This step is crucial. Any dirt and dust left on the deck can be a barrier between the wood and stain. We want to make sure that deck is very clean before staining it. 5) Protect the home and vegetation from stain overspray. No matter how beautiful the deck comes out looking, if some stain gets on the house, the homeowner will not be happy. Everything should be covered, so that not even one drip of stain doesn't go where it shouldn't. Howell NJ deck staining preparation might be a project in of itself, but it's worth all the effort.

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