Introduction to Deck Staining, Lakewood NJ


Introduction To Deck Staining, Lakewood NJ Before we discuss the actual staining, it's important to understand why a deck or any exterior wood should be stained. A wood deck is obviously wood that was once a tree with a source of life when attached to the ground. Now, your beautiful deck is basicaslly a bunch of dead wood without any sustanence. What's more, we are leaving it outside to fend for itself exposed to all the elements which can be pretty harsh here in the northeast. So this is the introduction to deck staining, because it's obvious that we must do something to protect exterior wood if we want it to last for many years. Deck staining is designed to lock in the life that the wood has while it's still fresh, by acting as a barrier between itself and the elements. Without protection, water, snow, sun, dirt and anything else that lands on the wood will take its toll and slowly seep out the life that it has, until it's no longer strong enough to be a deck. With this introduction to deck staining, Lakewood NJ we can understand the Why? In future articles we will learn more about the What?

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