Is Stucco Too Delicate For Pressure Washing? Jackson NJ

Is Stucco Too Delicate For Pressure Washing? Jackson NJ A lot of the the stucco we see on homes today is actually not real stucco, rather it's EIFS (Exterior Insulation Fininshing System) or what's called artificial stucco. Basically, this is white syrofoam (this supposedly helps insulate the home), covered with a couple of very thin coatings of what looks like concrete (it's a little bit more sophisticated than that, but this is the basic idea). Now if you're thinking to yourself that this type of surface does not sound very strong, you are right it really is not. This surface can be beautiful, but it's VERY delicate. Is stucco too delicate for pressure washing? Lakewood NJ. The answer is YES and NO. It is necessary to use a pressure washer machine for it's maintenance and cleaning, however you cannot use any high pressure. If high pressure water is blasted at stucco, there is at least a 90% chance that it will damage the stucco in one way or another. Either it can ruin the surface, or even worse it can force water behind the surface (this is very common, and a huge problem). It is crucial to hire a pressure washing contractor who specializes in the delicate process of cleaning stucco. The contractor must be familiar with soft-wash methods and the proper use of chemicals to safely remove mold from stucco. So is stucco too delicate for pressure washing? Jackson NJ It all depends who your contractor is. Do your research, get referrals, and your stucco should look beautiful for many years.

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