Jackson NJ Professional Deck Staining Service

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Jackson NJ Professional Deck Staining Service. Most homeowners will ask us all types of questions about stain colors, types of stain, and stain quality, little do they realize that the key to a proper deck staining is all in the preperation. The best stain in the world will not hold up if the deck was not prepped by a professional deck staining service, Jackson NJ. Prep must include expert power washing using the cleaning compounds necessary to remove ALL dirt and mold. The wood must be neutralized and brought back to its original color by removing all the grey wood fibers. Once deck is dry, an expert will make sure all nails are tight, and add srews or nails where necessary. The stain should NEVER be applied before testing the wood with a moisture meter, as too much moisture in the wood is the leading cause for premature stain failure. The moisture meter allows the contractor to know for certain if the deck is ready to be stained. At this point we are finally up to the actual staining process....In a future article we will discuss the different type of stains, and the best application methods. A Jackson NJ Professional Deck Staining Service will have the knowledge and experience to restore and maintain your deck so it should last for many years to come.

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