Jackson NJ Stucco Cleaning Experts

      Jackson NJ Stucco Cleaning Experts When we explain to our customers that they should consider cleaning their stucco, their first reaction is "I thought stucco can't be pressure washed". While it is true that one should never use "pressure" on stucco, it still must be professionally "washed" for it to maintain its beauty and structural integrity. On the other hand, using the wrong methods, such as pressure washing, can be worse than doing nothing at all. It's important to realize that stucco or EIFS are very thin delicate surfaces that are not designed to withstand any pressure that is put directly on it. High pressure water will force itself beneath the surface and ultimately cause long term mold issues that will be very expensive to repair. Jackson NJ stucco cleaning experts are trained and certified to clean stucco, using methods that are both safe and effective for such delicate surfaces. There are different types of stucco, and every situation can call for a different cleaning approach. We use our own blend of cleaning compounds designed to loosen up the dirt and mold from the porous surface, followed by a low pressure rinse. It is recommended to clean stucco surfaces every 2-3 years, to avoid having dirt and mold lock itself into the nooks and crannies. If your residential or commercial property is laden with stucco, consider maintaining it with the Jackson NJ stucco cleaning experts, who will give your home the TLC it deserves.

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