Lakewood NJ Commercial Stucco Cleaning


Lakewood NJ Commercial Stucco Cleaning Today we are seeing more and more commercial buildings being built with stucco. What is unknown to the property owners is that stucco or EIFS must be maintained on a regular basis if it's to remain looking good, and if you want it to keep its structural integrity. Our experience has been that many of the property owners are simply not aware that the stucco can or should be cleaned. Lakewood NJ commercial stucco cleaning is an important part of maintaining your property. Cleaning stucco is not simply for cosmetics, rather if done properly it can save thousands in repairs and/or replacement later on. Additionally, isn't it in your best interest to keep your building clean and in good shape so that your tenants will want to stay and so customers will have a positive experience on your property. Put yourself in the mind of a customer....If the outside of your building is dirty (first impression)....than the inside is probably not too exciting. Lakewood NJ commercial stucco cleaning should be done by a contractor with experience in this highly delicate process. Stucco can easily be damaged  if care is not taken to clean it using a soft-wash process. The picture above is taken on the second story of a shopping center in Lakewood NJ. The stucco was very dirty in spots, and besides for soft-washing we scrubbed the trouble spots by hand with a cleaning compound designed to loosen dirt and mold from stucco. The end result was a clean building with the tenants and customers very happy:)