Lakewood NJ Deck Restoration


Lakewood NJ Deck Restoration Here is a deck we restored in Lakewood NJ. The deck had a solid stain that was failing, and needed to be redone. BlueJet Power Wash power washed the deck using chemicals to remove all the dirt and mold. Once this was achieved, we rinsed it, and neutralized it back to its original color. When deck was dry we returned to sand and prep the wood. The customer chose "Drift Grey" Behr Premium Solid Deck Stain to apply on deck. This deck is a perfect example of a Lakewood NJ deck restoration project. Many times the customer thinks that the deck is shot and has no hope, however in many instances if the wood had not started to rot, we can restore it and add some years of life to it. It's important to hire a contractor who is able to tell you the condition of the wood, and whether or not it's worth investing money into it. Although we love to restore decks, unfortunately some decks are beyond repair. A Lakewood NJ deck restoration expert can explain to you all your options, and witch one makes the most sense for you based on the condition of your deck. Exterior wood restoration can be complicated, and it's something best left to the pros.