Lakewood NJ Deck Staining Tips


Lakewood NJ Deck Staining Tips Believe it or not, the actual staining is not the most important part of the process. A new building, regardless of how good the materials used to build it are, still will only be as strong as its foundation. A deck will work the same way, regardless of how well you stain it, it will only be as good as how well the deck was prepared for staining. We see it all the time...a homeowner goes out and buys the most expensive deck stain he or she can find, and spends many hours toiling over the stain application, only to see it fail within the first year. The most important Lakewood NJ deck staining tips are 1) Make sure deck is expertly power washed, as deck must be 100% clean of all dirt, mold, and algae for the stain process to be successful. 2) Deck MUST be dry before the stain application. At BlueJet Power Wash we will never put stain on a deck without first testing the wood with a moisture meter. The leading cause for premature deck stain failure is too much moisture in the wood which will cause the stain to lift up. If deck is properly prepped, you are closer to having a beautifully stained deck, than the finest stains can do for you alone. With these Lakewood NJ deck staining tips, you will enjoy your sunday BBQ's in a way you never thought possible:)

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