Masonry Restoration, Lakewood NJ

Masonry Restoration, Lakewood NJ BlueJet is proud to announce that we are expanding our services to better serve our customers. Over the past few years we have excelled in restoring your masonry surfaces using our highly specialized cleaning processes. There are situations where cleaning the surface is no longer an option, and the situation calls for an actual repair and restoration of the masonry product. Finding a masonry company to come down and do the work can be very difficult, and sometimes downright impossible. Look no further! BlueJet is now your complete masonry restoration source. From cleaning, to repairing, to sealing, we will do it all. You can expect the same quality workmanship, honesty, and unparalleled customer service that we have become known for. We can restore your steps, walkways, patio, facing, stucco, etc. In addition we can design and install new masonry products as well. If your concrete is full of cracks, your steps are crumbling, or your bricks are falling apart, call us today for a free estimate! 732-358-9588