Power Washing A Shopping Center, Lakewood NJ


Power Washing A Shopping Center, Lakewood NJ This particular shopping center in Lakewood NJ is a two story structure with a stucco exterior. Although the building is only five years old, it had begun to show signs of mold and mildew across the whole building. BlueJet Power Wash was hired to soft-wash the entire building to safely clean it from all mold, mildew and dirt. Power washing a shopping center, Lakewood NJ is an important part of maintaining a commercial property. Keeping the building clean and in good shape will not only keep your tenants happy, but it will also save you money down the road on more expensive repairs. Besides, what do you think the customers are thinking when they see a building covered in mold and grime? Not exactly the most comfortable place to come and shop. The reality is that regardless how shiny your apples are, and how nice your cuts of meat are....the first impression on a customer or prospect is the exterior of your building. A clean walkway and entrance will make that first positive impression that we seek. When hiring a contractor to restore your commercial property, it's important that he be familiar with the surfaces on your property. Stucco and other delicate surfaces can easily be damaged when too much pressure is used or the wrong chemicals are applied. Power washing a shopping center, Lakewood NJ by the professionals will make your property the town's main attraction:)

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