Power Washing A Trex Deck, Lakewood NJ

Power Washing A Trex Deck, Lakewood NJ Composite decks (Trex is a Brand) are a mixture of plastic, wood and other fillers. Although they are very expensive to install, you will save a lot of money and headache in the long run. Trex decks never need to be sanded or stained, rather all it needs is an expert power washing every couple of years (inexpensive!). The only catch is that when power washing a trex deck, Lakewood NJ it's crucial to hire a contractor who is experienced in cleaning this material. Unlike wood, trex cannot be sanded or fixed up once it is scratched or damaged. Power washing equipment in the wrong hands can easily rip up your very expensive deck. A professional will be trained to clean your trex deck using specific cleaning compounds to loosen the dirt and mold from the surface, and completely avoid the need to use high water pressure. Trex decks are not designed to handle high water pressure, and too much pressure will cause irreversible damage. Power washing a trex deck, Lakewood NJ is a great way to maintain your deck and keep it looking great for many years of enjoyment.