Power Washing And Home Owners Insurance, Lakewood NJ


Power Washing & Home Owners Insurance, Lakewood NJ Over the past couple of years we have been getting more and more calls from homeowners that needed power washing for insurance purposes. Insurance companies are constantly looking for new ways to lower their risk of liability, and mold growing on your home is their new target. This year has seen a huge uptick in these type of calls. If the inspector sees any mold growing on your siding or roof, they will not renew your policy until it has been treated. They obviously believe that the mold and algae is harming the surface of your home. Well, is it actually harming the surface? As far as vinyl siding goes, unless left there for a VERY long time, it will not harm the vinyl and for the most part is simply a cosmetic issue (Stucco is another story...). As far as roofing goes...the algae and mold IS harming the roof surface by feeding on one of the main ingredients in the shingle.I don't think the insurance companies base their decisions on these facts, rather they tend to be extra cautious whether it's rational or not. The point is that power washing and home owners insurance, Lakewood NJ are two things that are coming together more often than one would hope. BlueJet has become very familiar with the wants and needs of the insurance companies, and can help you address the issue quickly and effectively. If your insurance company tells you that your roof must be cleaned, then it's more than likely that you live in a ranch style home. How do we know? Simple...the inspector would not be able to spot the problem on a two-story home(:Power Washing and home owners insurance, Lakewood NJ may seem like just another headache for you, but the good news is that it's something that is simple and inexpensive to address...much better than being told you must replace your roof(: