Power Washing Commercial, Ocean County NJ


Power Washing Commercial, Ocean County NJ Here are some pictures of a commercial structure we restored in Ocean NJ. Power washing commercial properties is an excellent idea, especially when you are trying to lease out the space. There is a lot of competition, and improving your curb appeal will go a long way increase the likelihood of someone choosing your building to rent. This particular structure had a number of doctors offices, and was only 40% full. BlueJet Power Wash was hired to give the whole property a clean makeover. We started by treating the algae stains on the roof, then we cleaned all the brick, bringing it back to its original beautiful white color. We power washed all concrete walkways, plus we restored all posts and signs. The building had looked old and worn out, but after the power washing it was completely refreshed. Power washing commercial, Ocean County NJ is an important part of maintaining your properties appearance as well as the structural integrity. Whether it's a supermarket, nursing home, or office building you want to attract more business to your property, and this can be difficult when the exterior surfaces are covered in years of mold and grime. When power washing commercial, Ocean County NJ be sure to work with a contractor that understands the exterior surfaces of your property, and can help you build the inside of your business by keeping the outside clean.