Power Washing Pavers, Brick NJ 08723


Power Washing Pavers, Brick NJ 08723 Pavers are beautiful....when they are clean. Pavers are very porous, and over time will collect lots of dirt and grime in all its nooks and crannies. This can make your walkways, pool area, driveway, etc. not the most appealing sight. The good news is that pavers can be cleaned to look like new again. Power washing pavers, Brick NJ 08723 should be done by a contractor with the experience and equipment to get it done right. Pavers are very expensive and you don't want to risk etching them. Additionally it can take specific machinery coupled with the appropriate chemicals to get the pavers cleaned to look like new. BlueJet Power Wash has the experience to clean your pavers large and small. Our method is to apply a cleaning compound designed to loosen dirt from pavers, followed by a medium pressure rinse using a surface cleaner. Our method works, and will not ruin the stone. We are trained to control the amount of water pressure applied which can vary depending on age and condition of the pavers. Power washing pavers, Brick NJ 08723 is a great way to spruce up your property, and allow you to enjoy the summer to its fullest.