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Power Washing Stucco - Toms River NJ This porous surface that we refer to today as stucco, in many instances is not actually real stucco, rather its what the experts call EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) or Dryvit. But all this is really irrelevant to the homeowner, bucause all you the homeowner know is that this syuff gets awfully dirty, and fast! Power Washing Stucco Toms River NJ is very different than powwr washing vinyl siding. With vinyl siding, when you notice that its dirty, thats when you go ahead and have it cleaned. Stucco, on the other hand requires regular maintenence cleaning even before it gets dirty. The reason for this is because stucco is a very porous surface of tons of nooks and crannies, which the mold and dirt can find a very cozy home in. Once the mold and algae make themselves comfortable deep inside the surface it can be very diificult to remove them, and in many instances impossible to clean it properly without damaging the surface. We are constantly telling new homeowners to have their stucco cleaned every 2 years if they wish to maintain the beautiful look that stucco has to offer. Besides for this, if the mold is left on stucco too long t will begin to damage the surface, which is a condition thats irreversible through power washing and can be very expensive to repair. All this is very inportant for the homeowner who has a stucco surface because many power washing contractors are not experienced or trained in the cleaning process of stucco, and will ussually cause extreme damamge to surface without you realizing it until a bit later...So if you have a stucco home make sure to have it cleaned professionally every 2 years by a company that specializes in Professional Power Washing Stucco Toms River NJ.

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