Power Washing Trex, Howell NJ 07731


Power Washing Trex, Howell NJ 07731 Trex has become a very popular decking option for many homeowners. The biggest advantage is that it does not need to be stained, and requires very little maintenance. This not only saves lots of money down the road, but it also makes it hassle free. Although it does not need staining, it's important to realize that the Trex surface is porous and can become dirty and moldy. The mold is both an eyesore and a safety hazard, since it can be very slippery when wet. Power washing Trex, Howell NJ 07731 is an effective way to deal with the dirt and mold. Cleaning it every couple of years will keep it looking great, and will maintain it so your investment will last for many years.  There is one catch...Trex is a delicate surface and can be permanently damaged if too much water pressure is applied. Be certain to hire a contractor  who is experienced in cleaning Trex decks. The most effective method for cleaning this surface is to apply a cleaning compound designed to loosen the dirt from the Trex, followed by a high volume rinse. This method insures that the Trex will not be damaged. Power washing Trex, Howell NJ 07731 is an affordable way to make your yard a great place to spend your summer months in.