Power Washing Your Stucco, Lakewood NJ


Power Washing Your Stucco, Lakewood NJ Is it safe to power wash my stucco? The last time I had it cleaned, the contractor destroyed it? Should I just leave it dirty? These are all questions that we get on a regular basis. Stucco or dryvit can be very expensive to replace, so proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial. Lots of the stucco we see today is actually dryvit or EIFS, which is even more delicate than real stucco. Stucco or dryvit are very difficult to clean since the porous nature of the surface tends to lock in the dirt and mold. The trick to avoid being stuck with permanent stains on your stucco, is to clean it a bit more often. Power washing your stucco, Lakewood NJ cannot be done like any other surface. Although we recommend cleaning it, the method used is extremely important if you want to avoid any damage. Stucco cannot take any pressure. Again, stucco cannot take any pressure. If your contractor does not mention anything about soft-washing, or zero pressure, than stay away. Even a small amount of water pressure can force moisture below the surface, thereby causing permanent damage. When cleaning stucco, it's all about using the proper chemicals that can kill the mold and loosen up the dirt from the nooks and crannies. After the soap application, water is only used to rinse it off, but is never used to actually clean the stucco. Power washing your stucco, Lakewood NJ can be safe, and should be done periodically by a contractor who is trained and certified in this delicate process.