Power Washing Your Trex Deck, Jackson NJ


Power Washing Your Trex Deck, Jackson NJ Composite decks (Trex is a brand) have become very popular over the last ten years, and for good reason. These decks offer all the advantages that a deck has to offer, without any of the headaches and expense that the typical wood deck comes with. Wood decks need regular maintenance for upkeep, otherwise the wood will rot. The maintenance on a wood deck can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the deck, and that's if the deck actually holds up. In addition wood decks are prone to be splintery, making it uncomfortable for kids to play on. Composite decks are a man made material, typically a combination of wood, plastic, and other fillers. Although the upfront cost is very high, this will be the only large expense you will put into your deck. Your deck will not need to be stained, and it wont be splintery. The only maintenance is power washing your trex deck, Jackson Nj. The deck will get dirty and/or moldy, and will need a professional cleaning every 1-2 years. This type of upkeep is inexpensive and will keep your deck looking great. There is one caveat...it is crucial to hire a contractor that is experienced in the cleaning of trex. the reality is that trex is softer than wood, and can easily be etched and scratched if too much water pressure is used during power washing. Unlike wood, trex cannot be sanded to repair a scratch in the surface, and any damage caused will be permanent. An expert will know how to clean the surface using the appropriate chemicals and cleaning compounds, and rinsing the surface without water pressure. Power washing your trex deck, Jackson NJ is inexpensive and if done by the pros is the best way to keep looking great.