Power Washing vs. Soft Washing, Deal NJ


Power Washing vs. Soft Washing, Deal NJ What is "soft-washing"? Do I need to request of my contractor that he do a "soft-wash"? Will "soft-washing" be as effective in cleaning my home? Soft-washing is not just another way to clean, rather it's the new way to power wash. In other words, we have found a way to clean your property safely and effectively without the need to use high pressure water. The old fashioned way to clean dirt and mold was to blast high pressure water at the home surface figuring that this was the most effective way of eliminating dirt and mold. The problem with using high pressure water was twofold: The mold was back within months or even weeks. And high pressure water was damaging the surface, especially delicate surfaces like stucco and EIFS. There had to be a better way to power wash that would keep the mold away for longer periods of time, as well as take out all the risk of damage to the property. Power washing vs. soft-washing, Deal NJ. Soft- washing means that we are not cleaning with water, rather we let the soap and chemicals do all the work, and water is only used for rinsing down. We have formulated different soap compounds that are highly effective in cleaning exterior surfaces like vinyl, stucco, and concrete. This process is so much more effective since the mold is killed before removal, thereby keeping it away for longer, and it is no longer necessary to use high pressure water, lowering the risk of damage to the property. Soft-washing will still employ the use of power washing equipment, however your contractor should know how to control the level of pressure used on your property. When it comes to power washing vs. soft-washing, Deal NJ you should be certain that the contractor you hire is not employing the old fashioned methods that can damage your property, and that he takes pride in his work like it's his own home.