Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding - Lakewood NJ


Here is another video we found which does an excellent job describing the most effective and safe way to have Affordable Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Company Lakewood NJ. We want our customers to understand that Pressure Washing vinyl siding can cause lots of damage to your home if not done properly. Many companies still use the old fashioned method of shooting your home with high pressure water in the hopes of blasting away the mold. This method never works because the mold is alive and well, so water might remove some of it but it won't kill it. When this method was used, the customer could not understand why all the mold was coming back within months!! In this video there is no high pressure used at all, rather a cleaning compound is applied which is designed to kill the mold, and loosen the dirt. Once this is achieved, low pressure water is used to rince it all down, and you are left with vinyl siding that is as good as new. So call today for your Affordable Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Company Lakewood NJ.

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