Pressure Washing An Office Building, Howell NJ


Pressure Washing An Office Building, Howell NJ This building was taken over by a new company, and the interior was completely renovated. BlueJet Power Wash was asked to take a look at the stucco and cinderblock to see whether it could be cleaned and restored from all the dirt and grime it had collected over the years. We did some tests, trying different chemical compounds to figure out what would do the best job. Once the customer was satisfied with what we were able to achieve in testing, we scheduled to clean complete structure. Pressure washing an office building, Howell NJ that is made of cinderblock can be especially challenging. Unlike vinyl siding, the surface is very porous and the dirt and mold get locked deep within the block. To clean it properly, we need to use the proper chemicals that would loosen up the dirt, as well as apply a bit more pressure to every single cinderblock on the building. Cleaning a structure like this can take a bit more time, but is worth the effort. The customer rightly felt that if the interior was completely redone, it makes no sense to leave the exterior looking dirty, after all the exterior will be everyone's first impression anyway. Pressure washing an office building, Howell NJ or any other commercial property is a great way to maintain an image of success!  Call BlueJet Power Wash today for a free estimate on your commercial property.

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