Pressure Washing Prices, Lakewood NJ


Pressure Washing Prices, Lakewood NJ This is obviously a question we get often, and a fair one at that. How much will it cost to pressure wash my home? What we have found is that some people are surprised how affordable it is, concidering that there home will now look like new, while others tell us "what's the big deal, your just spraying my house with some water aren't you (false)...?" Pressure washing prices, Lakewood NJ vary from home to home, and no two homes are exactly alike. It would not be in anyones best interest to give a customer a price without seeing the property first. That being said, we can still give you a ballpark figure as to what an average sized two story vinyl sided home (approx. 2500 sq. ft. home) should cost to clean. You can expect to pay around $350 to clean all the vinyl siding, gutter exteriors, and front steps/walk. If your home is stucco, expect to pay a bit more. Every company has its own way of calculating their price, however this is a good average. We like to give people this number as a ballpark estimate, so at least they get a feeling for what kind of expense power washing is. It's not a small $99 expenditure, but it's not a huge $1500 expense either. At BlueJet Power Wash our philosophy is "under promise, over deliver", this way the pressure washing prices, Lakewood NJ will always be a bargain. 

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