Pressure Washing Your Trex Deck, Jackson NJ


Pressure Washing Your Trex Deck, Jackson NJ These are composite decks, which many people call "Trex", simply because this was one of the original brands. Cleaning these type of decks can be tricky because they are not pure wood, rather they are a mix of wood, plastics, and other fillers. What this means is, they are softer than wood, and therefore are a more delicate surface as far as pressure washing goes. You cannot use any high pressure water on this deck type. High pressure will etch and scatch the surface, thereby lifting the wood fibers in the decking and causing it to be more prone to mold growth isues. Unlike wood, which if etched or scratched can be repaired thru some sanding, a composite deck surface cannot be repaired if scratched. When hiring a contractor to pressure wash your trex deck Jackson NJ it's crucial that they are experienced in this highly delicate process. All too many times we have come across composite decks destroyed by a "professional power wash company". BlueJet Power Wash has figured out how to take the risk out pressure washing a trex deck. Our method is to apply our own mix of cleaning compounds that are designed to lift the dirt, mold, and grime from this surface type, followed by a low-pressure rinse. Pressure washing your trex deck Jackson NJ, on a regular basis will allow you to enjoy this beautiful deck type for many years.

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