Removing Oil Stains From Concrete, Lakewood NJ

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Removing Oil Stains From Concrete, Lakewood NJ This customer called us frantic that her child had spilled cooking oil on her stamped concrete. Of course it happened in the worst of places...right at the front door. She had tried getting it out on her own...but to no avail (this usually makes it worse, as it pushes the stain deeper in). The trick to getting out oil stains is deal with it as soon as possible. Concrete is very porous, and it absorbs the oil, so the longer we wait to treat it, the deeper in the oil will set. That being said, removing oil stains from concrete, Lakewood NJ is not simply about power washing it (like this customer said...can't you just come on over and blast it away?), as power washing will do absolutely nothing to remove oil that has settled into concrete. Oil stain removal needs specific chemical compounds that are designed to lift oil from deep within the surface. BlueJet Power Wash applied a solvent based chemical and allowed it to dwell for 20 minutes, followed by a good rinse. Fortunately we removed 90% of the stain from her main entrance:) Removing oil stains from concrete, Lakewood NJ should only be done by a professional with the experience and knowledge to use these chemicals. Different surfaces call for different chemicals, and a mistake can have drastic results. If you have an oil stain, call the pros and call them quick!

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