Residential Power Washing and Homeowners Insurance, Lakewood NJ


Residential Power Washing and Homeowners Insurance, Lakewood NJ More and more often we are getting frantic calls from our customers that their homeowners insurance is being denied until their siding or their roof is cleaned from mold and algae. Its obvious that the insurance companies are getting tougher and are looking for more reasons not to insure your home. The insurance companies themselves don't understand the business of mold removal and power washing, all they know is that your home is dirty and you better clean it now. this is important because we have had customers facing big headaches with their insurance due to their companies total lack of knowledge: for example, Residential power washing cannot effectively be done in the cold of winter...well try telling that to your insurance company, its like talking to the walls. We reccomend being sure that your homes exterior looks to be in tip top shape while the weather is good, so that your insurance company will not be able to delay your coverage just when they decide to do an inspection (during the winter of course). So when it comes to residential power washing and homeowners insurance, Lakewood NJ, play it safe, because wether you like it or not your insurance company is looking for more and more ways to avoid any chance of liability with your property.

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