Residential Stucco Cleaning, Lakewood NJ

Residential Stucco Cleaning, Lakewood NJ Today we cleaned a beautiful stucco home we cleaned in Lakewood NJ. The stucco was very dirty, covered in green and black mold, and had not been cleaned in the past. These projects are difficult for a number of reasons. First of all, stucco must be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years to prevent permanent staining, and to avoid damage of surface. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all the stains will be removed from a stucco home that had not been cleaned in 10 years. A residential stucco cleaning company, Lakewood NJ can help you maintain the surface, by soft-washing it every couple of years. At this particular home we told homeowner to expect an 80% improvement, and fortunately we were able to achieve a 90% improvement. The home looks great, and homeowner plans to do regular cleanings to avoid further issues. Stucco and EIFS are very delicate surfaces and when power washing, care must be taken not to use any pressure at all. A contractor who is experienced in expert residential stucco cleaning, Lakewood NJ should be trained to safely use soaps and cleaning compounds to remove dirt and mold from stucco. This method allows one to clean, while avoiding the use of high-pressure water. For a free estimate call us today!

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