Safest Way To Power Wash Your Siding - Lakewood NJ


Safest Way To Power Wash Your Siding - Lakewood NJ Here is a before/after pic of a home we power washed in Lakewood NJ. Often we are asked, Is it safe for my home to be power washed? Will it ruin my siding? Will water come ito my home? These are all excellent questions, that need to be asked of the cotractor you hired to clean your home. The answers all depend on the methods used and on the expertise of the company working on your property. The safest way to clean your siding Lakewood NJ is with a method that is called soft-washing. This involves using proper soaps that kill the mold and loosen the dirt, and are rinsed away with a low-pressure rinse. Your home is your most valuble investment, so make sure you are using the Safest Way to Power Wash your Siding Lakewood NJ. You will be amazed at what a good cleaning can do.

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